TE Storage & Logistics

Grain & Fertiliser Storage and Logistics

TE Storage & Logistics Pty Ltd is a grain and fertiliser storage and logistics company based on the outskirts of Naracoorte in the South East of South Australia.

At the core of the business, is the storage of grain and oil seed for Cargill Australia, based in Melbourne Victoria and the storage of edible beans and wheat for the export market through JK Milling located at Horsham and Brisbane.

Our storage facilities play a role in the increased production and supply of South Australian grain for brewing, distilling and food manufacturing businesses around the world.

We have the capacity to store and segregate commodities to meet our customers’ needs, and provide full product traceability. Our clients supply to premium malthouses and oil seed processing plants by sourcing and supplying the best grain from Australia. TE Storage understands the high standards required for specialised grain storage, segregation and transportation.

We also store, blend and freight a range of solid fertilisers for South Australian based and owned company, Lawrie Co.

Our vision is to provide services above & beyond our customers needs. Our customers include multi-national grain and legume buying companies, small businesses and individuals. We aim to provide an equally good quality service to all our customers, no matter their size or industry. We conduct our business in a socially responsible and ethical manner by respecting all governing laws and human rights.


We offer storage in sealable silos and a grain shed where fumigation and climate control can be monitored.  Maintaining the quality of the product is paramount.

To guarantee the integrity of the product, we store grain in sealable (gas tight) containers.  Storing the grain this way allows for product segregation, grading and streaming which ultimately means higher returns for growers and premium products for grain buyers and their malting companies on a demand basis.  Overall creating the opportunity for high quality malting to occur at the brewery, in turn producing premium beer for beverage production.

We currently store beans in the grain shed for JK Milling.  Both companies work together as a team as an integral part of the food production line to ensure quality food products are able to be manufactured.

Regular Testing

With storage, our aim is to maintain a quality product for all clients.  Regular grain tests and fumigation are undertaken by staff.  Testing of grain and legumes as they enter the depot allows for accurate segregation of various qualities of commodities.

Freight & Logistics


We offer freight to many and varied clients specialising in the freight of grain, grapes, fodder, fertiliser, machinery, containers and timber.

We have five trucks with various trailers to suit the different needs of cargo. B-Double trailer combinations include; open trailers such as drop deck, flat top 34 pallet and road train. These combinations also include 19 and 26 metre options.

TE Storage & Logistics also offers widening drop decks with ramps for machinery and oversized cargo. Other trailers include container pins and side tippers for earthmoving. We can provide our clients with high capacity telehandlers for the loading and unloading of freight items.

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We blend and freight a range of solid fertilisers for Lawrie Co.  The fertilisers are applied in pasture, cropping, horticulture, viticulture, tree crop and turf industries.

With a focus on soil health, our range of products integrate biological inputs, derived from natural materials, with conventional fertiliser enhancing farm productivity.

We also offer Lawrie Co. clients customised fertiliser blending options.